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Kilmacud Crokes Camogie proudly presents...

The 2021 Baker Tilly All-Ireland Long Distance Camogie 7s

The Global Camogie Skills Competition


To Be Announced



A Global Challenge

From your Own Club

2020 was a landmark year for many reasons but few were as positive as the hugely successful first global camogie 7s skills challenge, hosted by Kilmacud Crokes to continue our long tradition of annual Camogie 7s tournaments. The top prize was won by the Central Coast camogie team from Sydney with a comprehensive demonstration of skills mastery.


In 2021, due to continuing uncertainty with the pandemic, we’ve decided to mark the 48th consecutive year for the Kilmacud Crokes Camogie 7s event once again with a camogie skills challenge.

We're delighted to once again open up the event to the global camogie diaspora and look forward to building on last year which saw clubs from all over the world taking part. We’re currently finalising the exact dates and format for the competition and welcome any of last year’s participants to contact us with their thoughts on how we can make it even more enjoyable than last year. We will continue with broadly the same format of having three competition grades, Cup, Shield and Plate, with clubs taking part from their own club grounds, and with teams consisting of 10 players with the top 7 scores counted for each skill. 

We’ll be back real soon with more details. Stay tuned!

And in case you missed it last year, this podcast is from a great chat with the folks in Atlanta Camogie in the run-up to last year's event. You can hear the podcast here....

Entry In the Spotlight


Na Tóraidhe, Philadelphia

Founded 2018

Around 20 players

Our 2020 season was completely scrapped due to covid, no games or official tournaments permitted, it has been tough. This 7's tournament will be the pinnacle of our season, so it has been great to get out to training during the past few weeks, getting to see everyone, run around and blow off some steam and use this year to work on our foundational skills.




Meet & Greet


Sessions Stage






Q & A Session

The Skills


Core Camogie Skills

The Long Solo

Focus, speed and balance

Sometimes the field opens up in front of you and it's time to put on the burners. Here we'll test mastery of the solo with a timed run over the length of the pitch with more points for shorter times.


The Solo



The 45

The 45m Free

Respect the Free Taker!

The skill on which many a game has turned, each player will have five 45s, one in front of goal, one each 20m out from the centre, and one each from the sideline. Scores for points over the bar. 


The Long Puck

The Long Puck

The farther the better

When your marker has given you the room, the ball can be struck further faster than you could ever run it. Each player will have 3 chances to strike for distance with their longest strike to the sliotar's first bounce counted as their score.

The 20m Burst Run

First to the ball everytime

The unique fitness aspect of our code will be tested in a timed series of five sprint bursts from the end line to the 20m line and back with a brief pause between each one - the easiest way to win the ball is to get there before anyone else! Bigger scores for shorter times.


The Run


The Sideline Cut

The Sideline Cut

Harder than it looks!

When executed perfectly there is little else than can get the same roar from the crowd than a well taken sideline cut. Each player will have five cuts, one in front of goal, one each 20m out from the centre, and one each from the sideline. Scores for points over the bar.

The Unknown

What Could it Be?

There's more to our game than could ever be captured in just six skills so we're leaving this sixth one unannounced until the day of the competition - better practice everything just in case!


The Unknown


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Contact Us

If you have any questions about the event, please leave your email and your question and we'll get back to you or email us directly at kccamogie7s@outlook.ie.

© 2021 Kilmacud Crokes, Stillorgan, Dublin

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